The Life and Acts of St. Patrick/Chapter X

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Of the Water turned into Honey, and of his Nurse restored to Health.

The nurse of Saint Patrick, being oppressed with illness, longed much for honey, by the taste whereof she trusted that her health might be restored. It was sought by all who stood round her, but obtained not; and when she was told thereof, she longed so much the more earnestly for that which she could not have, and complained that she was remembered and assisted of none. But her young charge, the illustrious boy Patrick, was grieved for her, and, putting his trust in the Lord, he commanded that a vessel might be filled with fresh water from the fountain, and brought unto him; and he bended his knees in prayer, and, rising, blessed it with the sign of the cross, and gave it to the woman desiring honey. And immediately the water was changed into the best honey; and the woman tasted, and her soul was satisfied, and she was relieved from her infirmity. Thus did Patrick change water into honey in the name of Him who, at Cana in Galilee, changed water into wine.