The Life and Acts of St. Patrick/Chapter XLVII

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How the Darkness was Dispersed.

And the magician, beholding how his art was scorned and set at small account, once again by his enchantments covered the places that had been whitened with snow, even with a palpable cloud of thick darkness. And fear and trembling came on all whom it covered, or at least they experienced how closely it shaded them from the brightness of the true faith. Nor let it be marvelled that strangers to the darkness of the true light which illuminates every man entering this world should be involved in the darkness of magicians, who, with blind and hardened heart, worshipped the prince of darkness. And Patrick in his wonted words addressed the magician, that he would make this cloud to pass away; but the magician answered even as before. Then did the son of light pour out a prayer unto the Eternal Light, the Sun of Justice, and immediately the material sun arose and shone forth, and the darkness was dispersed. And the people which had hitherto sat in darkness, now beholding the great light, proclaimed their thanks and their praises, and magnified Patrick, who was the preacher of the Eternal Light.