The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/George Powell

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George Powell.

Son of Mr. Powell, an ancient Player, lately dead; he is more eminent for playing than writing, tho’ there are some Plays under his Name; as,

Alphonso King of Naples, a Tragedy, 4 to. 1691. Acted at the Theatre Royal, by their Majesties Servants, and dedicated to her Grace the Dutchess of Ormond. The Prologue is written by Jo. Haynes, and Epilogue by Mr. Durfey.

Brutus of Alba; or, Augustus’s Triumph, a new Opera, acted at the Theatre in Dorset Garden, by his Majesty’s Servants, 1690, 4 to. and dedicated by Sam. Briscoe, Bookseller to George Powel, and John Verbruggen. This Play has not so much as the whole Title new, for Brutus of Alba is a Play of Mr. Tate’s, and all the Design taken out of several old Plays.

The treacherous Brother, a Tragedy, 4 to. 1690. acted by their Majesties Servants, at the Theatre Royal, and dedicated to the Patentees and Sharers of their Majesties Theatre. Plot from The Wall-Flower, a Romance, fol. writ by Dr. Baily, formerly President of St. John’s, Oxon.

A very good Wife, a Comedy, 4 to. 1695. acted by their Majesties Servants, at the Theatre Royal; and dedicated to the honoured Alexander Popham, Esq; The Prologue is writ by Mr. Congreve. This Play is taken whole Pages together out of Brome.