The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Antoninus/Chronology

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The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Antoninus  (1944) 
by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, translated by Arthur Spenser Loat Farquharson


Gaius Julius Caesar Assassinated 44 b.c.
Imperator Augustus Caesar 27 b.c.a.d. 14.
Tiberius Caesar a.d. 14–37.
Gaius Caesar (Caligula) a.d. 37–Jan. 41 (assassinated).
Claudius Caesar a.d. 41–54.
Nero Caesar a.d. 54–June 68 (assassinated).
Galba, Otho, Vitellius a.d. 68–9.
T. Flavius Vespasianus a.d. Dec. 69–79.
Titus a.d. 79–81.
Domitianus a.d. 81–96 (assassinated).
Adoptive Emperors
Nerva a.d. Sept. 96–Jan. 98.
M. Ulpius Trajanus a.d. 98–117.
P. Aelius Hadrianus a.d. 117–138.
T. Aurelius Antoninus (Pius) a.d. 10 July 138–161.
M. Aurelius Antoninus a.d. 7 March 161–17 March 180.
L. Aurelius Verus a.d. 161–169.
L. Aurelius Antoninus Commodus a.d. 177–192 (assassinated).

121 Birth 26 April M. Annius Verus consul ii.
127 Eques
136 Toga virilis 26 April
138 25 Feb. Adopted by Pius, who was adopted by Hadrian; betrothed to Fabia, daughter of L. Aelius Caesar Death of L. Aelius Caesar.
10 July. Death of Hadrian.
139 Caesar
140 Consul i Faustina the elder dies.
145 Consul ii, married to Faustina
146 Trib. pot.: Imp. procons. Faustina Augusta.
148 Birth of Lucilla.
161 Consul iii. 7 March. Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Pont, max., Imp. Caesar L. Aurelius Verus Death of Pius.
31 Aug. Birth of Commodus and twin brother.
161 Parthian Median War begins.
164 Armeniacus Lucius Aurelius Verus marries Lucilla.
166 Medicus, Parthicus Maximus, Pater patriae Commodus and Annius Verus Caesares.
167 Plague breaks out. Germans cross Brenner. War in Pannonia.
169 Death of L. Aurelius Verus War with Marcomanni.
172 Germanicus End of first German war.
173 War with Iazyges and Sarmatians.
174 War with Quadi.
175 Sarmaticus Revolt of Avidius Cassius. Marcus and Faustina visit the East. Death of Faustina at Halala, 176.
176 27 Nov. Triumph at Rome
177 Commodus, Trib. pot., Imp. procons. Augustus Commodus marries Crispina.
178–179 Second German War
180 Death 17 March