The Murder on the Links

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The Murder on the Links

by Agatha Christie


A fellow enthusiast for detective stories, and to whom I am indebted for much helpful advice and criticism.


1. A Fellow Traveller

2. An Appeal for Help

3. At the Villa Geneviève

4. The Letter Signed “Bella”

5. Mrs. Renauld’s Story

6. The Scene of the Crime

7. The Mysterious Madame Daubreuil

8. An Unexpected Meeting

9. M. Giraud Finds Some Clues

10. Gabriel Stonor

11. Jack Renauld

12. Poirot Elucidates Certain Points

13. The Girl with the Anxious Eyes

14. The Second Body

15. A Photograph

16. The Beroldy Case

17. We Make Further Investigations

18. Giraud Acts

19. I Use My Grey Cells

20. An Amazing Statement

21. Hercule Poirot on the Case!

22. I Find Love

23. Difficulties Ahead

24. “Save Him!”

25. An Unexpected Dénouement

26. I Receive a Letter

27. Jack Renauld’s Story

28. Journey's End

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