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The Nail Broth
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The Nail Broth

They tell of a soldier who came to an old woman's house and asked her to give him something to eat. She told him that she doesn't have any food in the house, so the soldier said: "if so, give me at least a pan and some water so that I may make nail broth". Granny gives him that, and he takes the pan and puts an iron nail in it, then pours water and puts it on the fire. When the water got hot, then he asks from the granny a bit of salt, and she gives it to him, and so he salts it. When the water boiled, then he asks from the granny a bit of flour; grandma gives him that too, just so that she could see the wonder: how can one make nail broth, and so he poured it into the water and stirred; then he asked for an egg, and breaks it into the starch; then he asked for a bit of lard, and greased it a bit; and then he took it from the fire and took the nail out, and eats the nail broth.

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