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Edition of 1905.  See also Braniewo on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BRAUNSBERG, brouns'bĕrK (earlier Brunsberg). A town of East Prussia, in the administrative district of Königsberg, about 35 miles southwest of the city of that name (Map: Prussia, J 1). It is situated on the Passarge, five miles from its junction with the Frische Haff. It contains a Catholic seminary and gymnasium, and the Lyceum Hosianum founded by Bishop Hosius in 1568. It has a large number of manufactories, the principal articles being soap, leather, and feltware. It has also a trade in grain and flax. It has regular steamship communication with Pillau and Königsberg. The town was founded about 1251 by the Teutonic Knights. It has belonged to Prussia since 1772. Population, in 1890, 10,851; in 1900, 12,497.