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Edition of 1906.  See also Bertha Frederich on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FREDERICH, frā'de-rĭk, Bertha (pseudonym, Golo Raimund) (1825-82). A German novelist, born at Hanover. She was the wife of Eduard Frederich, editor of the Hannöverscher Courier, in which paper her first efforts appeared. In order to conceal her identity more effectually, she not only chose the above pseudonym, but managed to have the true authorship of her novels ascribed to a fictitious personage, “Georg Dannenberg.” She wrote, in all, about twenty-two novels, nearly all of which have been republished. Among them are: Bauernleben (3d ed. 1888); Zwei Bräute (4th ed. 1888); Schloss Elkrath (3d ed. 1885); Von Hand zu Hand (2d ed. 1885); Mein ist die Rache (3d ed. 1885); Zwei Menschenalter (3d ed. 1886); Ein deutsches Weib (5th ed. 1886).