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GYLLEMBOURG-EHRENSVÄRD, yụl′lem-bo͞or-y’ā′rĕn-svârd, Thomasine Christine, Baroness (1773-1856). A Danish novelist, born at Copenhagen. Born Buntzen, she married at seventeen Peter Andreas Heiberg, and had one son, Johan Ludvig Heiberg (q.v.). Her husband was banished for political activity (1799), and she obtained a divorce and married a Swedish political refugee, Baron Ehrensvärd, who assumed in Copenhagen his mother's name, Gyllembourg, and who died in 1815. After this she lived with her son, the poet Heiberg, and at fifty-three began a busy literary career with The Polonius Family (1825). Afterwards she wrote steadily though anonymously till her death. Among her better novels are Near and Far (1841) and Two Generations (1845).