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HARRISON. A city in Hudson County, N. J., on the Passaic River, and on the Pennsylvania, the Lackawanna, and the Erie railroads (Map: New Jersey, D 2). It is a suburb of Newark, with which it is connected by three steel bridges, and is the seat of the State Soldiers' Home. The city has extensive manufacturing interests, which include a large steel plant, tube-works, marine-engine works, wire-cloth factories, electric works, machine-shops, trunk and refrigerator factories, a tannery, breweries, ink-works, etc. Settled as early as 1608, Harrison was incorporated in 1873, the charter of that date being still in operation and providing for a government vested in a common council, which is elected by wards. The city owns and operates its water-works. Population, in 1890, 8338; in 1900, 10,596.