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HOECKE, van den. A family of Flemish painters. Jan (1611-51), a portrait and figure painter, was a pupil of his father, Caspar, and of Rubens. After studying also in Italy and executing commissions for the Emperor of Austria, he settled, in 1647, in Antwerp, as court painter to the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. With that prince's collection, a number of his best works came into the possession of the Vienna Gallery; others are at Antwerp. His portraits resemble Van Dyck's rather than those of Rubens. His brother Robrecht (1622-48), also a pupil of his father, was an architect of note. As controller of the fortifications of Flanders, he painted many views of camps, battles, and cities, very detailed in execution and pleasing in color. His work is also well represented in the Vienna Gallery.