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JACOBI, Johann Georg (1740-1814). A German poet, brother of Friedrich Heinrich, born at Düsseldorf, and educated at Göttingen. He was appointed professor of philosophy and oratory at Halle (1766), and soon after made the acquaintance of Gleim, with whom he edited Iris (1774-76), to which Goethe, Heinse, Lenz, and Sophie La Roche were contributors. He was made professor at Freiburg in 1784. Jacobi's poetic style was sentimental and effeminate, save in a few of his last works. His collected works, with a biography by Von Ittner, one of his friends, were published at Zurich (1882); his correspondence with Gleim appeared in 1786; and Martin edited Ungedruckte Briefe von und an Johann Georg Jacobi (Strassburg, 1874).