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KOHN, kōn, Salomon (1825-1904). An Austrian novelist, born in Prague, the son of a Jewish mcrchant, whose partner in business he became, after having devoted himself to mathematical studies at the university. His novel Gabriel first appeared anonymously in 1852, became widely known through various translations — in Germany, curiously enough, first in its English version — and was not reissued under its author's name until 1875 (3d ed. 1897). His other novels and tales, mostly descriptive of Jewish life, include: Der Retter, Bilder aus dem Prager Ghetto: Ein Spiegel der Gegenwart (1875); Die silberne Hochzeit (1882); Neue Ghettobilder (2d ed. 1886); Der Lebensretter und andere Erzählungen (1893); Fürstengunst (1894); Ein deutscher Handelsherr (1896); Judith Löhrach (1897); and others.