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LANGE, Friedrich Albert (1828-75). A German philosopher and economist, born at Wald, near Solingen, and educated at Zurich and Bonn. He entered journalism as editor of the Rhein- und Ruhr-Zeitung (1862), and showed himself an able opponent of Bismarck's Ministry. In 1870 he was appointed to a new chair of inductive philosophy at Zurich. His earlier literary activity was in economics and included such books as Mills Ansichten über die sociale Frage (1865) and the valuable work Die Arbeiterfrage (2d revised ed. 1870), which is socialistic, but remarkably practical and independent. More important is his work in philosophy, especially the Geschichte des Materialismus (last ed. 1898), with a valuable criticism of modern science, ethics, and economics. Consult: Braun, Lange als Socialökonom (Halle, 1881); Ellisen, Lange, eine Lebensbeschreibung (Leipzig, 1891).