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MÜLLER, mụ'lẽr, Wolfgang (called Müller von Königswinter) (1816-73). A German poet and novelist, born at Königswinter on the Rhine. He studied medicine at Bonn, and practiced at Düsseldorf, but afterwards removed to Cologne, and gradually gave up medicine to devote himself to literature. Müller's poetry finds its material in the Rhine, its beauty, its legends, and the life of its people. The more important of his books are: Gedichte (1847; 3d ed. 1868); Der Rattenfänger von Sankt Goar (1856); Liederbuch (1857; 4th ed. 1871); Lorelei, an epic cycle (1851; 4th ed. 1873); Erzählungen eines rheinischen Chronisten (1860-61); and Im Rittersaal (1874). His best-known poem is “Mein Herz ist am Rhein.” Six volumes of his selected poems were published under the title Dichtungen eines rheinischen Poeten (1871-76). Consult Joesten, Wolfgang Müller (Cologne, 1895).