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Edition of 1905.  See also Conrad Malte-Brun and Victor Adolphe Malte-Brun on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MALTE-BRUN, mäl'te-brōōn', Fr. pron. mȧlt'brēN', Konrad, properly Malte Bruun (1775-1826). A Danish geographer, born at Thisted, Jutland. He studied in Copenhagen, and because of sympathy with the French Revolution and bitter pamphleteering against the Government, was in 1800 condemned to perpetual banishment. He sought refuge in Paris, where he maintained himself by teaching and literary labors. In 1808 he began the Annales des voyages, de la géographie et de l'histoire (24 vols.), which he concluded in 1814, and in 1818 began, with Eyriès, the Nouvelles annales des voyages. For some time he was joint editor of the Journal des Débats, but is principally known for his geographical works, chief of which is the Précis de la géographie universelle, completed by Huot, 8 vols., with an atlas (Paris, 1810-29; 6th ed. 1853). He took part also in the preparation of the Dictionnaire de la géographie universelle (Paris, 1821 et seq.), and was secretary to the Geographical Society of Paris.—His son, Victor Adolphe (1816-89), was one of the eminent geographers of France, taught at various institutions, and succeeded his father as secretary of the Geographical Society of Paris. He published La Franee illustrée (1855), Géographie universelle (1874), L'Allemagne illustrée (1884-85), and other geographical works.