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The New International Encyclopædia
Molitor, Gabriel Jean Joseph, Count

Edition of 1905.  See also Gabriel Jean Joseph Molitor on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MOLITOR, mṓ'lḗ'tōr', Gabriel Jean Joseph, Count (1770-1819). A French soldier, born at Hayange (Lorraine). He became a captain of volunteers in 1791, by 1799 had risen to the rank of general of brigade, subsequently was commissioned a general of division, and in 1805 fought in the Army of Italy and took part in the battle of Austerlitz. In 1807 he was appointed Governor of Pomerania, in 1809 contributed to the victory of Wagram, and in 1811-13 was in Holland. He was appointed inspector-general of infantry at the Restoration, but received a command in Alsace from Napoleon during the Hundred Days. After the second Restoration he did not again obtain his offices until 1818. In 1823 he commanded the Second Army Corps in the Spanish expedition, and defeated Ballesteros. He was commissioned marshal (1823), and in 1847 became commandant of the Invalides.