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NEBRASKA, University of. A co-educational State university at Lincoln, Neb., founded in 1869. It comprises the Graduate School; the College of Literature, Science, and Arts; the Industrial College; the College of Law; the College of Medicine; the School of Fine Arts; and the Affiliated School of Music. There is also a summer session. The regents have intrusted to its charge the United States agricultural experiment station, the State Museum, the Botanical and Geological Surveys, and the superintendency of farmers' institutes. Students are admitted on examination or on certificates from accredited schools. Military drill is compulsory for first and second year male students in the college, and physical training for all first and second year woman students. The students in 1903 numbered 2500, and the faculty consisted of 180 professors and instructors. The library contains 51,000 volumes, supplemented by eleven departmental libraries, including the departments of pure and applied sciences, law, and classical philology. The campus occupies twelve acres in the heart of Lincoln, and with the buildings is valued at $1,000,000. The endowment lands of the university were in all 136,080 acres, of which about 11,000 acres remain unsold. The principal accruing from former sales is paid into the permanent endowment funds. The income of the university for all purposes amounted in 1903 to $402,000.