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NOR'DICA, Lillian, born Norton, (1859—). An American soprano, born at Farmington, Me. She was pupil of the New England Conservatory and of J. O'Neill, making her début in 1876. Then followed two years of successful concert work, on the conclusion of which she accompanied Gilmore's band to Europe, and later took up the study of opera with San Giovanni. She was an earnest student, and possessed of considerable stage aptitude, which, together with her magnificent voice and pleasing presence, won her an immediate success. After touring Germany and Russia, she appeared in 1881 in Paris, where her success was absolute. Her marriage with Frederick A. Gower in 1882 turned out to be unfortunate, and three years later she sued for a separation, the proceedings in which were brought to a close by the disappearance of Gower, supposedly in a balloon accident. In 1887 she appeared in London, and in 1895 made her first appearance in opera in her native land, at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Two years later she married Döme, an Hungarian singer. She achieved her greatest successes in Aïda, Les Huguenots, and the soprano parts in the Wagnerian operas, and came to be regarded as one of the greatest prima donnas of her day, being especially noted for her coloratura work.