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OMALIUS D'HALLOY, ō̇mȧ′lē̇-ụslwä, Jean Baptiste Julien, Baron d' (1783-1875). A Belgian administrator and geologist, born at Liège. He was appointed successively sub-intendant of the Arrondissement of Dinant (1814), general secretary of the Province of Liège (1815), and Governor of the Province of Namur (1815), and in 1848 was elected to the Senate. Geology was his avocation, and in recognition of his scientific work he was elected in 1816 a member of the Academy of Brussels, and in 1842 a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences at Paris. In addition to many contributions to the bulletins of the Academy of Brussels and to technical journals, he published a Description géologique des Pays-Bas (1828); Eléments de géologie (1831; 3d ed. 1839); Introduction à la géologie (1833); Coup d'œil sur la géologie de la Belgique (1842); and other volumes.