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PARKER, Foxhall Alexander (1821-79). An American naval officer, born in New York City. He graduated at the Naval School in Philadelphia in 1843, served against the Florida Indians, and in 1850 became a lieutenant. In the Civil War he first commanded the gunboats Mahaska and Wabash, and after 1863 the Potomac flotilla. In 1866 he was promoted captain, and in 1872 commander. In 1873 he was chief signal officer of the navy, and from 1878 until his death was superintendent of the Naval Academy at Annapolis. He published: Fleet Tactics Under Steam (1863); Squadron Tactics Under Steam (1863); The Naval Howitzer Afloat (1865); The Naval Howitzer Ashore (1865); The Fleets of the World: The Galley Period (1876); and The Battle of Mobile Bay (1878).