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PARKER, Horatio William (1863—). An American composer and teacher. He was born at Auburndale, Mass., and was a pupil first of his mother, then of George W. Chadwick and Stephen A. Emery, and subsequently of the Munich Conservatory. After returning to America he became organist of the Garden City Cathedral, Long Island, and professor of music at the Cathedral School. In 1886 he was organist and choirmaster at Saint Andrew's, New York, and two years later went to the Church of the Holy Trinity, Boston. He became professor of music at Yale University in 1894. His oratorio, Hora Novissima (1893), has been called by European critics one of the finest of American compositions. Other compositions are: The Holy Child (1890); The Kobold (1891); The Dream King (1893); Saint Christopher (1896); A Northern Ballad, for orchestra (1899); and choruses, anthems, organ pieces, transcriptions, and some chamber music.