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ROTTENHAMMER, rṓt'ten-häm'ẽr, Johann (1564-1623). A German historical painter, born at Munich. He was a pupil there of Hans Donauer from 1582 to 1590, studied afterwards in Venice after Tintoretto, went thence to Rome in 1605, and settled at Augsburg in 1607. His best pictures are those on a small scale, to be found in all the principal galleries of Europe. He supplied the figures in some of the landscapes of Jan Breughel and Paul Bril. A good example of his early style, in which he approaches Tintoretto, is the “Death of Adonis,” in the Louvre. Among his best works are those painted for Emperor Rudolph II., including a “Nativity” (1608), “Battle Between Centaurs and Lapithæ,” and four others, in the Vienna Museum.