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Edition of 1905.  See also Johann Wilhelm Schirmer on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

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SCHIRMER, shḗr'mẽr, Johann Wilhelm (1807-63). A German landscape painter and etcher, born at Jülich. He studied under Schadow at Düsseldorf, and in 1853 was appointed director of the art school at Karlsruhe. He became known as one of the first of the so-called Düsseldorf landscape school. His romantic, classic, and biblical subjects include “The Grotto of Egeria” (1842), in the Leipzig Museum; “Twelve Scenes from the History of Abraham” (1859-62), and “An Italian Park,” in the National Gallery at Berlin; four scenes of the “Good Samaritan” (1857), and “Storm in the Campagna,” at Karlsruhe, and pictures in many other galleries in European cities.