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TUCKERMAN, Henry Theodore (1813-71). An American critic and essayist, born in Boston and prominent in the literary life of New York City after 1845. The more important of his numerous publications were: The Italian Sketchbook (1835); Isabel, or Sicily: a Pilgrimage (1839)—each the outcome of a residence in Italy; two volumes of verse, Poems (1851) and A Sheaf of Verse (1864); Artist Life, or Sketches of American Painters (1847); Characteristics of Literature (1849, 2d series 1851); America and Her Commentators (1864); Thoughts on the Poets (1864); and Book of the Artists (1867), a study of the rise and progress of art in America. He wrote a Life of J. P. Kennedy (1871), and was a useful writer in his day.