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WILMOT, Robert Duncan (1809-91). A Canadian statesman, born at Fredericton, New Brunswick. When the boy was only five years old, the family removed to Saint John, where he was educated. After engaging in shipping, and after a short period spent in England, he entered the Parliament of his province in 1846, holding his seat down to the union of 1867. He was Mayor of Saint John (1849); Surveyor-General of New Brunswick (1851-54); Provincial Secretary (1856-57); and delegate to the colonial conference in London (1866-67). Upon the formation of the Union (1867) he was called to the Senate by royal proclamation. In 1878 he became a member of Sir John Macdonald's Ministry and Speaker of the Senate. In 1880 he resigned to become Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, a post which he held till 1885.