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Aby′dos (ab-ī′dos), an ancient city of Asia Minor, celebrated as the place where Xerxes crossed the Hellespont in his invasion of Greece, in 480 B. C. When his bridge of boats, nearly a mile in length, was swept away by a storm he punished the sea by inflicting three hundred lashes and casting chains into its waves. When the second double bridge was built, Xerxes poured an offering of wine on the waters and prayed to the sun; then throwing a cup and a Persian sword into the Hellespont he ascended his throne on the heights of Abydos. Here he watched for a whole week the ceaseless march of his army, perhaps a million in number, made up of forty-six different nations, each dressed in its national costume. Abydos is famous also as the scene of the story of Hero and Leander, which see.