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Fox, an animal closely related to the dog and jackal, but distinguished by the sharp muzzle, erect ears, vertical pupil of the eye and long, bushy tail. There are several kinds, common in different parts of the world, with the exception of South America. The one most widely distributed

NSRW Fox.png
Cross Fox (a Variety of the Red Fox)

in this country is the red fox, which resembles the common fox of Europe and Great Britain, but is distinguished by slight differences. This animal is about thirty inches in the body and head, and the tail is about a foot and one half long. Its fur is a reddish-yellow, with the tips of the ears and tail black and a white line on the belly. There are several slight varieties differing in details of color. It is a clever and cunning animal, being often able to elude the hounds in the chase. The Arctic fox, which ranges southward to Labrador and Newfoundland, has beautiful silky fur, bluish or brown in summer and pure white in winter. The black fox or silver fox holds first place among fur-bearers; in London a single skin brought $2,784, and in this country skins not infrequently sell at from $600 to $1,200. The animal is jet-black, save for snow-white tip of tail and a few scattered white hairs low on its back.