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Obituary; Henry Clay Nelson

In addition to two detailed obituaries, this was the first of two short entries on Page 3 of March 11, 1893.

Henry Clay Nelson, Medical Inspector United States Navy, retired, died yesterday at Concord, N. H. He was born in Carroll County, Md., fifty-seven years ago. He entered the United States Navy as Assistant Surgeon, May 9, 1861. He was promoted as Passed Assistant Surgeon on Oct. 26, 1863; to Surgeon on Oct 26, 1864; to Medical Inspector April 20, 1879, and was retired April 24, 1884, on account of ill health. In 1877 he was Fleet Surgeon of the Pacific squadron and for several years had been Assistant Surgeon General. He married the widow of Commander Walter Abbot, United States Navy, in 1877, and she, with a son, Francis A., a student at the St. Paul School, survives him.

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