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The Plan of the Export Almanac Publishing Company

From The New York Times of January 5, 1888.



A new scheme to promote the export trade of this country has been adopted by the United States Export Almanac Publishing Company. Last November the Hon. Carl Schurz wrote to Secretary of State Bayard saying that he had been asked by several gentlemen to join them in an enterprise that required the approval of the State Department. This was to publish one or more volumes containing a series of short essays on the agricultural, mining, and manufacturing products of the country, and, in addition, the advertisements of manufacturing and other firms who are already engaged, or wish to engage, in the export trade. The essays will be written in English, German, French, and Spanish, and advertisements will be translated into any of these languages, and also into Portuguese. The company, through Mr. Schurz, offered to place 20,000 copies of the United States Almanac, free of cost, at the disposal of the State Department, with the request that they should be distributed through the consular service at places abroad where they may be expected to attract custom, while the company will reimburse itself by what it will derive from its advertising columns.

This scheme has been borrowed from similar ones that have been started in Germany, Austria, and Italy, whose Governments favored it. Secretary Bayard replied that such an enterprise would prove useful both to the export and import trade, and promised that the State Department would assist in the distribution of the almanacs. The officers of the company are Carl Schurz, President; Jared Chittenden, Vice-President; Dr. J. H. Senner, Treasurer; Richard Jacob, Secretary and General Manager. Among the literary contributors are Mr. Schurz, the Hon. S. S. Cox, the Hon. David A. Wells, Edward Atkinson, President of the Merchants' Mutual Insurance Company, and Paul Loeser, editor of the Staats-Zeitung.

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