The Poetical Works of the Right Hon. George Granville, Lord Lansdowne/76

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Her gardens having eſcaped a flood that had laid all the country round under water.

What hands divine have planted and protect
The torrent ſpares, and deluges reſpect;
So when the waters o’er the world were ſpread,
Covering each oak, and ev’ry mountain’s head,
The choſen Patriarch ſail’d within his ark,5
Nor might the waves o’erwhelm the ſacred bark.
The charming Flavia is no leſs, we find,
The favourite of Heav’n than of mankind:
The gods, like rivals, imitate our care,
And vie with mortals to oblige the fair.10
These favours, thus beſtow’d on her alone,
Are but the homage which they ſend her down.
O Flavia! may thy virtue from above
Be crown’d with bleſſings endleſs as my love!14