The Religion of God/A revolutionary message from Gohar Shahi to all of humanity

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The Religion of God by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, translated by International Spiritual Movement Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam
A revolutionary message from Gohar Shahi to all of humanity

A Muslim says that he is the best of all, Whereas the Jew says that his status is better than that of the Muslim, the Christian says that he is better than both and even better than all the other religions because he is from the people of the Son of God (Jesus).

Gohar Shahi says:
“The best and most exalted person is the one, whose heart has the Love of God, even if that person has no religion.”

“The verbal chanting, praise and worship is proof of submission and obedience to God, whereas the practice of Qalb meditation is the way to the Love of God and access to God.”

The Appointed are endorsed and those who copy are outcasts and rejects The one who claims a false Prophecy is an infidel

One who falsely claims to be a Saint is close to infidelity. Wali (Saint) literally means friend (of God) and it is a condition of friendship that a person has at least met and talked to his friend. The Prophet Mohammed said to his companions at one time that there are some tasks that I have to do and they are not for you.

Every worshipper prays and asks God, that he be guided on the straight (illuminated) path. The path of those that have been favoured and gifted by God. Further that his soul reaches and prays at the realm of spiritual appointments, which is the real worship. As this type of practice and worship continues even after death. Similar to when the souls of all the Prophets worshipped in the Dome of the Rock in the night of the “Ascent” of the Prophet Mohammed. Further it is important to comply with the written laws of the religion until one reaches unification and sees God.

On the other hand God has created a substitute for the lazy and sinful. The meditation of the Qalb, the ethereal chanting of the Name of God Allah is a penance for their sins and lack of worship. Sometimes this meditation can illuminate such people and make them the friends of God.

Practice the chanting of the name of God Allah when you have missed your prayers (worship) whilst standing, sitting and even whilst you are turning on your sides

The closeness, acquaintance, spiritual grace and the prayers of Saints can become a means of good fortune for sinners and can even save them from hell. Similar to when the Prophet Mohammed sent his companions to Owais Qarni with the instruction that he pray for the salvation of the sinners, amongst the people of the Prophet. Generosity, practicing austerities, and martyrdom can also become a means of penance and salvation.

God also likes humility, repentance and the weeping of a person. As a result of these God even forgave a person like Nasooh who used to assault dead women and steal their shrouds (Scripture).

One day Jesus asked Satan: “who is your best friend,” Satan said, “a pious miser who is stingy.” Jesus asked why and Satan said that such a persons stinginess destroys that persons good deeds. Jesus then asked Satan who is your worst enemy to which Satan said, “a generous sinner.” Jesus then asked why, to which Satan said because that persons generosity destroys all their bad deeds.

Those who have love for other humans and the creation of God and who look after these and those who support the truth and are just, too become worthy of the Mercy and Grace of God.

The Scholar Iqbal, a young boy at the time was returning from school one day, when he saw a bitch following him. He climbed up the stairs (to his house) and she continued looking at him in sorrow. He thought maybe she was hungry. His father had left him a pancake. He gave her half of the pancake which she ate immediately after which she stared at him again, in sorrow. He then gave the other half of the pancake to her as a result of which he remained hungry for the rest of the day. At night his father was told (in his dream) that God liked the good deed of his son due to which he was exalted and the subject of the Mercy and Grace of God.

When Sabaktgeen took a deer calf from the jungle he saw that its mother was running behind his horse. He stopped and saw that the deer stopped too and turned its face towards the sky. Sabaktgeen noticed tears on the face of the deer and then he freed the calf. Thereafter Sabaktgeen was showered with so much Mercy and Grace by God that he used to often weep over the Name of God.

Maulana Rumi has stated:

“A moment in the company of Saints is better than a hundred years of worship.”

There is a commandment of God that relates:

“I become his voice through which he speaks, I become his hands by which he holds.” (In relation to Saints).

Abu Zarr Ghaffari states:

“On the day of judgement people will recognize a Saint and say to God that they provided water for ablution for the Saint. A voice will be heard, “forgive him.” Another will say to God that he had clothed or fed the Saint and it will be said forgive him also. Countless individuals will be forgiven as a result of the Saints, in this way.

Those who wage war against God are not beheaded for one day, they are turned into infidels and for all of their next life in hell, they will be painfully beheaded every day.

Similar to Bilyam Bawar, who was a very educated Scholar and a pious man, but as he became the enemy of Moses he was sent to hell.

People say that you find God through worship I say that you find God through your heart

Worship is a way of cleansing the heart and if your heart has not been cleansed by worshipping then you are far from God. There is a Prophetic statement that God does not look at the actions nor the faces but he looks at the intentions and the hearts.

However a person can go to paradise as a result of worship but even that is very far from God.

This spiritual knowledge is for those people who without caring for the maidens (of paradise) and paradise itself desire the Love, Nearness and the Vision of God.

Then according to Scripture:

God makes them meet one of his Friends (a Saint) and Guide (A complete and perfect spiritual teacher and guide).

When God favours and likes any particular action of any individual, then God looks at that individual with great love and affection. His glance of love, burns all the individuals sins away and those who then sit in the company of that person, too, come within the Grace of God. The Friends of God, “the Companions of the Cave” slept in the cave or were on a “meditative journey” and God continued to look upon them with love as a result of which their companion, dog (was exalted), became Hazrat Qutmeer and will now go to paradise. When the Sheikh Farid came under the Merciful and Graceful Sight of God, a herdsman sitting close by was also illuminated and graced.

When God liked some action and favoured Abu Al-Hassan Kharqani, and began to talk to the Sheikh. He said to the Sheikh one day that if he (God) told the people about the Sheikh they would stone him until he died. The Sheikh then said to God that if he told the people how merciful God is nobody would bow before God. God then said to the Sheikh: “do this, don’t you tell, We won’t tell either.”

When Zaid was brought (before the Prophet Mohammed) for the third time, accused of drinking alcohol. The companions of the Prophet cursed him, as he was being produced time after time for the same sin. The Prophet then said do not curse him as he does love God and his beloved. Those that love God and the Prophet cannot go to hell.

Without doubt God loves all of creation and looks after it, he even provides for the incapable insect inside the stone. Just as disobedient children are punished and chastised, similarly God becomes powerful and imperious for the disobedient and the blasphemers.

Believe this: that God wishes to see you also but you are either unaware, not bothered or ill-fated. What people look at (face) you wash it every day with soap, apply cream to it and shave it, but have you ever washed what God will see? (the heart).

There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that for everything, there is a means, of cleansing that thing, whereas to wash the hearts there is the meditation of the Name of God. Pure (platonic) love is also connected with the heart. Those who simply say “I love you” verbally are cunning and deceitful.

“Love is not done, love happens, with whomever enters the heart.”

To send God into the heart there is the one-pointed concentration, the meditation of Qalb and the Saints. The engine of a vehicle cannot reach the destination on its own, without the other parts of the vehicle. Similarly practicing worship without first illuminating the spirit of the self and the Qalb is incomplete. If without these requirements you believe that your worship is complete and you have achieved paradise then why do you say about other individuals that they are infidels, apostates, and bound for hell when they too worship. The only difference is that people are riding on different wagons (religions) when but are the same on the inside, dark (not illuminated). There is only the difference of the beliefs and sects, whereas these small differences will remain in this world (after death) and only the souls inside people will go forth.

There is prayer on the tongue and yet abuse, desire and envy in the heart. This is known as the worship in appearance only. The general public remain falsely content with this and continue to become the victims of sectarianism. Such people who propagate a religion cause mischief within it. For example you follow a sect (set of beliefs) for ten or fifteen years and practiced worship, then you considered a different sect to be right and then you changed. This would mean that the first sect you followed was false. It should be noted that false worship is not acceptable to God. In other words you rejected the ten or fifteen years of worship that you did. It is also possible that the new sect you join too is false, too. In this case you lost your past and your future worship. When the blindfold was taken off one found oneself at the same spot like the circling Buffalo.

Instead of wasting your life it would have been better if you had found the complete guide (Saint).
The belief of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

The pious and the worshippers of all the religions be placed in a row.

Ask God: “which of these would you like to see?”

Just as your eyes fall on a shining star, whether it be Mars or Mercury or a star without a name similarly God looks at shining hearts whether they are religious or without a religion. “Without the love of the beloved Sachal, what is belief and what is disbelief.”

To find God you run to the Temples, Churches and Mosques. Is there any proof in history that any person has ever found God sitting in any place of worship? O’ innocent, the dwelling-place of God is your heart. Bring God into your heart then you

will see the places of worship and those who worship in them run towards you. The Saint Bayazid Bostami said that for some time he circled around the Ka’aba and when God came inside him the Ka’aba then circled around him. These places of worship are places of reward whereas the heart is a home. You will call God in the places of worship whereas God will call you in the heart.

Nowhere in the destiny of the intelligent, is the feeling of passion It is the lovers who throw away everything Allah, Allah by doing this, you will not find God It is those of God that that make you meet God.

Every religion believes that the status of its Prophet is higher than any other. This belief became the basis of the wars between the “People of the Books” (Scriptures). It is better if through spirituality (illumination) you reach the gatherings of the Prophets as only then will you know who is in which realm and holds what status.


It was for this time that God said:

“We will soon show you our signs, on the land and in space and even within yourselves.”

Saying of Gohar Shahi:

“The earthly spirits of all human beings are re-incarnated and they are born with different bodies many times. The souls of the pure (illuminated) go into the bodies of the pure. The earthly soul of the Prophet Mohammed was held for Imam Mehdi. Just as it can be said about any part of the Prophet Mohammed’s body that it is the jewel of Amina’s eye (the Prophets mother.) Similarly it can be said about any part of the celestial soul of the Prophet Mohammed that it is the son of Abd-Allah and the jewel of Amina. The souls of the people, of the Prophets family, are also part of the Prophets family.”

An important note:

Mahdi means the one who will guide.

Mehdi means the one of the Moon. (Whose face will appear in the Moon.)

(As in the names Mehnaz and Mehtaab.)

Zahid Gulzar Ireland (

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