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Just as Prophecy ended after the Prophet Mohammed and reformers came in Islam who renovated their religion subject to the environment. Similarly after the arrival of Imam Mehdi the renovation of those reformers will cease to exist and according to (the needs of) all the religions Imam Mehdi will instigate his own reforms. It is mentioned in some books that he will establish a new religion.

It was for this reason that the poet Iqbal said, “if there is love then even disbelieving is believing.”

Sachal Sai (a Saint) has said, “without the love of the beloved Sachal, what is belief and what is disbelief.”

If anyone worshiped their entire life but at the end that person opposed Imam Mehdi and Jesus, who will come back into the world, Jesus with his physical body and the Mehdi with the “earthly spirits” then that person is bound for hell like Bilyam Bawar and is cursed and rejected like Satan. ( Bilyam Bawar was a man at the time of Moses, who opposed Moses, and who will go to hell in the form of the dog Qutmeer).

If anyone spent their entire existence living like the dogs but in the end helped and assisted the Mehdi and Jesus then that person will go to paradise. Just as the dog Qutmeer. (who was exalted by only sitting in the company of the “Companions of the Cave” and who will go to paradise).

The people who have Ishq (passionate Love of God) when they are in a religion, (in some place) God then showers that place with his mercy. Then if that person is Baba Farid (a Muslim Saint) then even the Hindus and Sikhs come to his door and if he is Baba Guru Nanak, (an exalted spiritual figure revered by Sikhs) then even the Muslims and the Christians come to his door.

Some sects and religions say that I’sa (Jesus) has passed away and that his tomb is in Afghanistan. This is incorrect propaganda. In Afghanistan there is the tomb of another man by the name of I’sa. What would be the purpose of the burial when transport was primitive at the time and it would have taken months to travel

(to Afghanistan). Some ask how was Jesus raised to the celestial sphere? I ask how did Adam descend from the sky? Further, the Prophet Idris is still physically living in paradise and Khidr and the Prophet Elias still exist in the world and have not died.

The grandson of the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, Hayat al-Ameer is six hundred years old (and is still alive). His grandfather, the Sheikh, said to him that do not die until you meet the Mehdi and give my salutations to him. The Saint Shah Latif was given the title Bari Imam by him (Hayat Al-Ameer). Close to Murri, (in Pakistan) is a place known as Bara Koh, signs of the sitting place (the retreat of Hayat Al-Ameer) are preserved there.

The punishment for physical crimes is imprisonment, a fine or the death penalty. If any person is on the spiritual path then the punishment is remorse as the punishment for spiritual sins or crimes is very severe. A person who slanders another, as punishment his spiritual rewards are transferred to the person that has been the subject of the slandering. Further desire, envy, stinginess and arrogance destroy any rewards that are written (on the persons record). If a person has any amount of light inside them, then this is confiscated if that person insults, abuses or begrudges any Prophet or Saint just as the Sheikh San’aan insulted the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani and his visions and miracles were confiscated from him.

There is a story about the Saint Bayazid Bostami. When he discovered that a particular person was insulting and slandering him, the Saint fixed a monetary reward for him. The man continued to slander the Saint and continue to receive the money also. Then one day his wife scolded him and said that he should either stop the treachery or stop taking the money or stop insulting the Saint. The man started to praise the Saint. When the Saint discovered that the man started to praise him, he stopped the payment. The man appeared before the Saint and asked that when he insulted the Saint he was paid and now why has the payment stopped? When he has started to praise the Saint. The Saint said that at first you was my employee and because of your bad deed (slander) my sins were being washed away and I was paying for that service and for what shall I pay you now?.

The above-mentioned sins are connected with the spirit of the self at its lowest, base self, who is helped by Satan. Whereas piety, generosity, forgiveness, patience and gratitude, humbleness and the merciful rays and Grace of God are all connected to the witnessing Qalb (the fully illuminated and purified Qalb and heart) whose helper is the complete spiritual teacher and guide.

As long as the persons spiritual entity of the self is at its lowest state, (not illuminated) the light rays produced by the recital of any Holy Scripture will not enter a persons heart even if that person has memorized such words and verses, as he is considered to be a parrot. To the contrary when your spirit of the self is purified then any impure entity will not remain inside you. At that stage the person is considered illuminated.

In order to purify the spirit of the self you must search for a Purifier. Who are people appointed by God and are always on this (spiritual) duty. The cleanliness of the outside of the physical body is done with water whereas the inside of the body is cleansed with light. Without being cleansed a person is impure and dirty. A clean body is worthy of worshipping God whereas a clean heart is worthy of receiving the rays of the Grace of God. Only then do the Holy Scriptures guide people (they guide the cleansed). Otherwise the people of the Scriptures turn against each other and become enemies. The Reformer Mujaddid Alf-Sani has written in his works that those

people are not worthy of reciting the Holy Scripture whose spiritual entity of the self is at its lowest and base state. It is important that the beginners practice heart meditation, purify and cleanse themselves and then once illuminated then recite the Holy Scriptures. There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that some people read the Holy Scripture and the Scripture curses them. The Saint Bhulle Shah has stated that there are those who deceive others and yet carry the Scriptures under their arms.

“Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from within me.” (Saying of the Prophet Mohammed)

(Sacred spiritual knowledge pertaining to the Essence and Vision of God).

The pious person believes that he does his worship and austerities for God and that he is very close to God. After worship the person asked God for good health, a long life, material prosperity the maidens and palaces in paradise. Think! Have you ever prayed and asked God that you desire nothing and only desire God?

The religious Scholar believes that in the Sght and Proximity of God he is saved and protected because he has the knowledge and the Scriptures inside him. Then why does the religious Scholar say to other people that they will go to hell, when many believers possess some amounts of knowledge and have memorized many verses of the Scriptures? Think! Who sells knowledge? Who shouts and abuses? Who slanders the Saints? Who is the person that is arrogant and stingy?

A particular intention in the heart and a contradicting word of mouth, one word in the morning and a different word at night. One who presents lies as truth and truth as lies? If you are far from these things then you are the Vicegerent of the Prophet and it is then disrespectful to even turn ones back to you. In other words in appearance he looks like a reader of the Scripture, but in fact he is the Scripture, (only when all these faults are eliminated by the Scholar). If you are lost in these characteristics then you are the person described by the wolf who said that if he had indeed eaten Joseph then may he be raised (have the fate of) as a religious Scholar of the “fourteenth century” (Islamic, our present time).

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