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When God desired to make the souls he said “Be” and a multitude of souls came into existence. In front of God and close to him were the souls of the Prophets. Behind these in the second row were the souls of the Saints and in third row the souls of the faithful and behind these were the souls of ordinary human beings. Thereafter as far as the eye could see in a row far beyond, the souls of women came into being. Then behind these were the animal spirits, then the botanical spirits and then such bonding spirits that did not possess the power of movement, all these materialized. At the right side of God there were the souls of angels and behind these were the souls of the chaste and pure maidens of paradise who were unable to see the face of God. As the angels were on the right side of God, it is for this reason that they were also unable to see the face of God. Behind these were the souls of angel-like entities that later came into the world and assisted the Prophets and Saints in their work. Thereafter on the left side of God were the souls of the genies behind these were another form of invisible elf-like Satanic entities, then another form of evil malignant spirits. All of these later came into the world and aided Satan in his work.

The souls on the right and left sides and those souls that were very far away, as far as the eye could see were unable to see the magnificent Manifestation of God. It is for this reason that genies, angels and women are able to talk or communicate with the essence of God but are unable to see God. In the centre of our galaxy was a ball of fire. It was commanded to cool, it then fragmented and its pieces spread in Space, forming our solar system. The Moon, Mars, Jupiter, the Earth and the stars are all the fragments, whereas the Sun is the remaining part of the ball. The Earth was nothing but coal and cinder. The bonding spirits (the spirit which bonds and solidifies atoms and particles) were sent to the earth as a result of which the cinder solidified and turned into stone. Then the botanical spirits were sent as a result of which trees and plantation emerged from the rocks. Thereafter as result of the animal spirits coming to earth, animals appeared. God did ask all the souls, “Am I your Lord?” All the souls acknowledged and prostrated. In other words the spirits of the rocks and the trees did also prostrate, as is mentioned in a verse of Holy Scripture. Then God created an illusionary world and illusionary desires to test the souls and said that if any of the souls desires these then they should go forth and obtain them. A multitude of souls turned their faces away from God and leapt towards the illusionary world and thus hell was written for them as their destiny and final abode. Then God showed a vision of paradise, which was better than the first sight and a place for the worshippers and the obedient. Many souls leapt towards this vision and paradise was thus written for them in their destiny. Many souls were unable to make a decision and these are then placed between the merciful Lord and Satan. Such souls after coming into the world became trapped and their destiny lay in the hands of whomever they became attached to. Many souls remained looking at the magnificent Manifestation of God and did not desire the world or heaven. God started to love these souls and these souls loved God. It is such souls, that after coming into the world and only for God and God-realization, they abandoned the material world, became ascetics and lived in the jungles. To serve the souls and for their pleasure, eighteen thousand types of creatures were created. Six thousand in the sea, six thousand on land and six thousand in the air and in the upper celestial spheres. Then God created seven types of heavens and seven types of hell

The seven heavens are:

Khuld, Daar-ul-salaam, Daar-ul-Qaraar, Adan, Al-mawa, Naeem, and Firdos.

The seven hells are:

Saqr, Sa’eer, Nataa, Hatmaa, Hajeem, Jahannum and, Hawiya. All the above mentioned names are of the Syriac-Semitic language. (The language in which God speaks to the angels.)

All religions have the belief that God can send whomever he chooses to hell and whomever he chooses to paradise. In the case of the soul that was sent straight to hell in the beginning it would have complained and would ask, what crime it had committed? Then God would have said that you turned your face away from me and chose the world instead. The soul would then say, “I only made that decision foolishly, and I did not do anything wrong.” It was because of this argument and for this reason that God sent the souls down into this world. The body of Adam, who is also known as Shankar ji was made from clay that was from paradise. Then along with the human soul some other spiritual entities were put into it. When the body of Adam was made, Satan then out of spite and jealousy spat at Adam and the saliva landed on the naval. The bacteria in the saliva then also mixed in the body. Satan is from amongst the race of the genies. It is mentioned in a Prophetic statement that when a human being is born, a Satanic genie is also born with it at the same time. The human body was only meant to be a house made of clay in which sixteen spiritual entities were placed. There is another spiritual creature (Khannas) and four birds (spiritual) which are also inside the body. From the left rib of Adam, matter emerged, which resembled a woman in appearance. A soul was then placed in it and she then became Eve. Thereafter Adam was sent from heaven to Sri Lanka and Eve was sent to Jeddah. This was the origin of the Asian race. Then one after the other souls descended to earth from the celestial sphere. For the education, training and the elevation of the souls, schools were created in the form of religions. According to their destiny, which was written at the beginning of time some souls were given religions and others remained without a religion. The souls loving God also came into the world, some came into the homes of Muslims, some into the homes of Hindus, some into the homes of Sikhs and some were born into the homes of Christians and Jews. These souls then, through their respective religions attempted to find God. This is the reason that the spiritual elite, (Godly) of all the religions adopted asceticism. Some Muslims say that asceticism does not exist in Islam, this belief is wrong. The Prophet Mohammed did also go to the cave of Hira. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, Khawaja Moin-uddin Ajmeri, Data ali Hajvayri, Bari Imam, Baba Farid, Shahbaz Qalander, were all eminent Saints and only after adopting asceticism did they achieve their magnificent and elevated spiritual status. Such people then became the means of religious propagation.

The Religion of God
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