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All the religions in this world were established as a result of the Prophets. When even before this (God) was love, the lover and the beloved. Souls that were in the Proximity, Magnificence (Vision) and affection of God were in the religion of God which is Love of God. When they came into this world they sacrificed their life and limb in order to find God.

This was at first confined to the favoured (Godly) now through spirituality it has reached even the ordinary people

A Prophetic statement: One of the companions of the Prophet Mohammed has stated:

“I have received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed, I have told you about one of them and if I tell you about the other you would kill me”

When the Saint Shah Shamas took the dry books out of the well (full of water)

The Saint of Istanbul Maulana Rumi said:

“What is this?” Shah Shamas replied: “This is the knowledge that you know not.” When Moses asked God “Is there any more knowledge?” God replied: “Go to Khidr.” (a mystical figure, possessing the secrets of spiritual knowledge)

The prayer of every worshipper: “God, show me the straight (illuminated) path the path of those, upon whom you have bestowed your favour.”

The poet Iqbal states:

“What would the pitiful scholars know of this.”

The souls that have been exalted from the beginning of time, the souls that God loves and the souls that love God, did praise the Lord and chant his Name when they came into the world. For example Jesus spoke whilst in the cradle, and said: “I am a Prophet” although Gabriel had already given the glad tidings to Mary prior to the birth.

In respect of Moses, Pharaoh had knowledge of the prediction, that a child would be born to a tribe, who would then be the cause of his destruction and that he (the child) would be a very exalted man in the sight of God. The Prophet Mohammed also said, “I was a Prophet even before I came into the world.”

There are many loved and eternal souls (Godly) present in different religions and in different bodies

During the last period (end of the world)

God will send a “Special Soul” into the world who will search for these souls and gather them together and remind them that they once did love God. All these souls no matter which religious or non-religious body they are in, will acknowledge and affirm his call and gather around him.

He will grant these souls a very special “Name of God” which will travel from the spiritual entity Qalb to the soul. Then the soul will meditate and chant that name of God.

That “Name” will produce a spirit of new energy and a new love and with its light the soul will again become connected to God.

The meditation of the Qalb is the way to achieve meditation of the soul.

Just as meditation and austerities are the way to the meditation of the (Qalb). Once a persons soul itself starts to meditate and chant the Name of God, then that person is from that category of people, who no longer fear the scale of judgement or the day of judgement. Further meditation and worship, more advanced than that of the soul are proof and indicate that persons exalted status.

Those people who have speedily moved from the meditation of the Qalb to the meditation of the soul are those who have already entered, or will soon enter the religion of God.

They are not guided by the books but are guided by the light, and become free of sin due to the light. Those who have heard about this or those who have made some effort but are still deprived of this spiritual discipline are not included in this path (religion of God).

The way, for the salvation of the ordinary people is worship and religion.

The way for guidance is the celestial books (Scriptures).

The way for (obtaining) intercession is the Prophets and Sainthood.

Many Muslims do not believe in the intercession (or recommendation) of Saints. When (it is known) that the Prophet Mohammed instructed his companions to go to Owais Qarni and ask him to pray for the salvation of the people of the Prophet.

The Religion of God
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