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1. Those who are physically pious but there spiritual aspect is dark (not illuminated) are the cause of the mischief in the religion and are the ambassadors of Satan. It is mentioned in Prophetic tradition, that one must be fearful of the ignorant priest (Scholar) whose tongue speaks the knowledge but whose heart is ignorant (dark- not illuminated.)

2. Those whose spiritual aspect is illuminated but who are physically impious, they are regarded as Majzoob (Saints but not in control of their senses,) spiritually crippled, stagnant or isolated. “Those who have lost their senses in love, then what for the accountability on the day of judgement.” (Taryaak-e-Qalb written by His Holiness Gohar Shahi).

3. Those whose physical and spiritual aspect is proper and (illuminated.) Those who practice Qalb meditation and practice physical worship.

This type of priest (religious Scholar) is known as the “Godly priest.” They are the inheritors of the pulpit and the religion of the Prophet. When a persons physical and spiritual aspect unite and become as one then that person is known as the Vicegerent of God. If such a person performs a Pilgrimage spiritually then it is as though that person has performed the Pilgrimage physically and he is rewarded accordingly. In fact he is rewarded much more than if he had done the Pilgrimage only physically.

The worship practiced by the souls is considered to be like physical worship (but superior in reward). Further if these people worship physically then their worship becomes exalted in the spiritual realm. It these people whose bodies are in one place and souls are in another place. In the faculty of piety (spiritual path) these people are also known as M’aaraf (whose body and soul can be in two different places at the same time.) Whereas for the Ashiq, the extreme lover of God, the vision and sight of God is enough. Some people say that there is no such thing and that one cannot see God. The knowledge pertaining to seeing God began from the Prophet Mohammed. According to Abu Hanifa (one of the past, eminent Muslim Imams) he has seen God ninety-nine times. Bayazid Bostami (Muslim Saint) has said that he has seen God seventy times. The sight of God is achieved by the spiritual entity, Anna ( which is in the head) and you are unaware of its meditation and the teachings relating to it.

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