The Religious Portions of the Shih King/Part I/Odes of Shang/Ode 2

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Ah! ah! our meritorious ancestor! Permanent are the blessings coming from him, Repeatedly conferred without end; They have come to you in this place.

The clear spirits are in our vessels, And there is granted to us the realization of our thoughts. There are also the well-tempered soups, Prepared beforehand, with the ingredients rightly proportioned. By these offerings we invite his presence, without a word, Without contention . He will bless us with the eyebrows of longevity, With the grey hair and wrinkled face in unlimited degree.

With the naves of their wheels bound with leather, and their ornamented yokes, With the eight bells at their horses' bits all tinkling, come to assist at the offerings . We have received the appointment in all its greatness, And from Heaven is our prosperity sent down, Fruitful years of great abundance. Will come and enjoy , And confer on us happiness without limit.

May he regard our sacrifices of winter and autumn, offered by the descendant of Thang!