The Religious Portions of the Shih King/Part I/Odes of Shang/Ode 3

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Heaven commissioned the swallow, to descend and give birth to Shang . Dwelt in the land of Yin, and became great. Long ago God appointed the martial Thang, To regulate the boundaries throughout the four quarters .

Quarters he appointed the princes, And grandly possessed the nine regions .

The first sovereign of Shang Received the appointment without any element of instability in it, And it is held by the descendant of Wû-ting .

The descendant of Wû-ting Is a martial sovereign, equal to every emergency. Ten princes, with their dragon-emblazoned banners, Bear the large dishes of millet.

The royal domain of a thousand lî Is where the people rest; But the boundaries that reach to the four seas commence there.

From the four seas they come ; They come in multitudes. King has the Ho for its outer border . That Yin should have received the appointment was entirely right; sustains all its dignities.