The Rig Veda/Mandala 1/Hymn 48

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1. DAWN on us with prosperity, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
     Dawn with great glory, Goddess, Lady of the Light, dawn thou with riches, Bounteous One.
2. They, bringing steeds and kine, boon-givers of all wealth, have oft sped forth to lighten us.
     O Usas, waken up for me the sounds of joy: send us the riches of the great.
3. Usas hath dawned, and now shall dawn, the Goddess, driver forth of cars
     Which, as she cometh nigh, have fixed their thought on her, like glory-seekers on the flood.
4. Here Kanva, chief of Kanva's race, sings forth aloud the glories of the heroes' names,--
     The. princes who, O Usas, as thou comest near, direct their thoughts to liberal gifts.
5. Like a good matron Usas comes carefully tending everything:
     Rousing all life she stirs all creatures that have feet, and makes the birds of air fly up.
6. She sends the busy forth, each man to his pursuit: delay she knows not as she springs.
     O rich in opulence, after thy dawning birds that have flown forth no longer rest.
7. This Dawn hath yoked her steeds afar, beyond the rising of the Sun:
     Borne on a hundred chariots she, auspicious Dawn, advances on her way to Men.
8. To meet her glance all living creatures bend them down: Excellent One, she makes the light.
     Usas, the Daughter of the Sky, the opulent, shines foes and enmities away.
9. Shine on us with thy radiant light, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
     Bringing to us great store of high felicity, and beaming on our solemn rites.
10. For in thee is each living creature's breath and life, when, Excellent! thou dawnest forth.
     Borne on thy lofty car, O Lady of the Light, hear, thou of wondrous wealth, our call.
11. O Usas, win thyself the strength which among men is wonderful.
     Bring thou thereby the pious unto holy rites, those who as priests sing praise to thee.
12. Bring from the firmament, O Usas, all the Gods, that they may drink our Soma juice,
     And, being what thou art, vouchsafe us kine and steeds, strength meet for praise and hero might.
13. May Usas whose auspicious rays are seen resplendent round about,
     Grant us great riches, fair in form, of all good things, wealth which light labour may attain.
14. Mighty One, whom the Rsis of old time invoked for their protection and their help,
     O Usas, graciously answer our songs of praise with bounty and with brilliant light.
15. Usas, as thou with light to day hast opened the twin doors of heaven,
     So grant thou us a dwelling wide and free from foes. O Goddess, give us food with kine.
16. Bring us to wealth abundant, sent in every shape, to plentiful refreshing food,
     To all-subduing splendour, Usas, Mighty One, to strength, thou rich in spoil and wealth.