Have a Heart (Bolton, Kern and Wodehouse)/The Road That Lies Before

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RUDDY. If there's nothing more to say;
If things can't be mended;
PEGGY. Well, the chapter's ended,
Let's say goodbye.
RUDDY. Wait, though, I have some things of yours,
I had best return them. PEGGY. What! you didn't burn them?
RUDDY. Burn them? not I.
These souvenirs of you,
Were once a lover's token,
And now our vows are broken,
There's only this to do.
This little glove, which once, you used to wear,
I now give back to you
PEGGY. (Spoken.) No, keep it!
RUDDY. You used this once to bind your hair,
I'll give it back to you.
PEGGY. (Spoken.) No, keep it!
RUDDY. The love that once you gave me,
I now give back to you
PEGGY. (Spoken.) No, keep that too.
RUDDY. Then our first kiss,
I'll now give back to you.
(They kiss)
PEGGY. Once more, love's path, we'll try
Together, you and I.


The road that lies before,
Is dark, and hard to see.
Whate'er fate holds in store,
Try it with me,
try it with me!
What though we missed it once,
We did not understand.
Better today, we know the way,
So let us set out hand in hand.
Love for our path, a light will make,
Shining to guide the steps we take.