The Times/1890/Letters to the Editor/The Proposed Antarctic Expedition

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Letters to the Editor: The Proposed Antarctic Expedition  (1890) 
by Campbell M'Kellar

source: The Times, issue 33143; page 3; Wednesday, Oct. 15, 1890—The Proposed Antarctic Expedition

To the Editor of The Times

Sir,—Regarding the article in The Times of Saturday on a South Polar expedition, may I saw a few words? Baron Nordenskjöld and Baron Dickson have promised to organize and equip an expedition provided Australia contributes £5,000. This is a small sum in comparison with the great results which may be achieved, yet I know from experience that it will not be easy to raise this sum in Australia, where I sorry to say, a great indifference prevails as to antarctic exploration. Baron Von Meuller, the celebrated botanist and explorer, who is vice-president of the Royal Geographical Society of Australia, has repeatedly urged that such an expedition should be fitted out, and has—in vain—attempted to raise the necessary funds. I hope, therefore, that England may be generous enough to contribute her share and render the raising of this comparatively small sum an accomplished fact, so that the generous offer of Barons Nordenskjöld and Dickson may be taken advantage of.

Yours, &c. Campbell M'Kellar
(Member of Royal Geographical Society of Australia)

Strasburg, Oct. 12.

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