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Obituary: Mr. A. Trice Martin  (1926) 

Source: Obituary. The Times, Monday, Dec 20, 1926; Issue 44459; pg. 14; col E — Mr. A. Trice Martin.

Mr. A. Trice Martin

Mr. Alfred Trice Martin, who died on the evening of December 16 at Blagdon, Somerset, whither he had been moved from Clifton in failing health some months ago, was the last head master of Bath College.

The sixth son of Mr. Samuel Martin, he was born in 1855. He went to Magdalen Hall, now Hertford College, Oxford, in 1872, but soon migrated to Worcester College, where he had been selected as an exhibitioner. he was in the second class in classical moderations in 1874, and in the third class in Lit. Hum. in 1876. Soon after the beginning of the present century he succeeded the late Canon Yorke Fausset as head master of Bath College. The school, founded in 1878 by Mr. T. W. Dunn (who still survives), came to an end in 1909, in spite of Martin's admirable and spirited endeavours to prolong its success. He subsequently went to Siam as educational adviser, but the climate took its toll of a man no longer in his first youth. Returning to Clifton, where (like Dunn) he had formerly been a master, he undertook some measure of his former activities, and had in the past few years taken a vigorous and successful part in the Bath College War Memorial scheme.

A brave man and an inspiring teacher, he will be long remembered both at Bath and Clifton for his warm-hearted loyalties, his wide humanity, and his single-mindedness. His published works include a history of Bath for schools and an edition of Malory. He was a keen antiquary and did good work in the excavation of Caerwent. He leaves a widow, a daughter, and three sons, the eldest of whom is Commissioner of Lands in Kenya.

The funeral will be at Blagdon Church to-morrow at 2 p.m.

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