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Mr. Thomas Coglan Horsfall, who died at Toutley Hall, Wokingham, on Sunday in his ninety-first year, was one of the founders of the Horsfall Art Museum in Manchester. He was the son of the late William Horsfall, of Halifax and Manchester, and was educated at private school in Manchester and Bowdon. Coming under the influence of Ruskin, he interested himself for the greater part of his life in educational reform, especially in the introduction of aesthetic teaching in elementary schools. The Horsfall Museum was intended to be primarily educational. It contains paintings, drawings, casts, and pottery, a nature study room, and a room devoted to the history of Manchester. It is provided also with a children's theatre.

Mr. Horsfall married, in 1878, Frances Emma (who died in 1927), daughter of the late Henry Wilson Reeves, I.C.S., and leaves three daughters.

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