The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 7

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Chapter VII

A fearful scream broke from Alice, a violent quivering spasm shook her from head to foot. Her muscles contracted, as she vainly strove to break free. Arching her back she endeavoured to turn herself first on one side and then on the other, tugging frantically at the straps, anything as long as she could dodge the feather. But she could do nothing. The more she shrieked and wriggled, the greater was the pleasure she was affording me; so, deaf to her cries and incoherent pleadings, I continued to tickle her cunt, sometimes up and down the slit, sometimes just inside, noting with cruel delight how its lips began to gape open under the sexual excitement now being aroused and how her throbbing clitoris began to erect itself. Alice presented a most voluptuous spectacle: clenched hands, half-closed eyes, heaving breasts, palpitating bosom, plunging hips, tossing bottom, jerking thighs - wriggling and squirming frantically, uttering broken and incoherent ejaculations, she shrieked and prayed.

I thought it wise to give her a pause for rest and partial recovery. I withdrew the feather from between the lips of her cunt, then gently stroked them caressingly. 'Ah! ... Ah! ...' she murmured half unconsciously, closing her eyes. I let her lie still, but closely watched her.

Presently, her eyes opened half dreamily, she heaved a deep breath. I made as if to resume the tickling. 'No, no,' she murmured faintly, 'it's no use! ... I can't stand it! ... don't tickle me any more!'

'Well, will you yield yourself to me?' I asked. Alice lay silent for a moment, then with an evident effort said, 'Yes'!

Letting the feather fall between her parted legs, I leant forward and took her in my arms: 'There must not be any mistake, Alice,' I said softly. 'Are you willing to let me do to you anything and everything that I may wish?'

Half opening her eyes she nodded her head in assent. 'And do you promise to do everything and anything that I may wish you to do?'

She hesitated: 'What will you want me to do?' she murmured.

'I don't know,' I replied, 'but whatever it may be you must do it. Do you promise?'

'Yes!' she murmured, reluctantly.

'Then kiss me, kiss me properly in token of peace!' I whispered in her ear, placing my lips on hers; and deliciously she kissed me, receiving at the same time my ardent reciprocations. Then I unclasped her and began to play with her breasts.

'Mayn't I get up now?' she murmured, moving herself uneasily as she felt her breasts being squeezed.

'Not just yet, dear,' I replied. 'I've excited you so terribly that it is only fair to you that I should give you relief, and as I know that in spite of your promise you will not behave as you should do, simply from inexperience, I will keep you as you are till I have solaced you!'

'Oh, what are you going to do to me?' she asked in alarm, in evident fear that she was about to be violated.

'Restore you to ease, dear, by kissing you all over; now lie still and you will enjoy the greatest pleasure a girl can taste and yet remain virgin!'

With heightened colour she resigned herself to her fate. I took her again in my arms, and sweetly kissed her on her eyes, her cheeks, her hair. Then releasing her, I applied my lips to her delicious breasts, and showered burning kisses all over them, revelling in their sweet softness and their exquisite elasticity. Taking each breast in turn, I held it between finger and thumb, then enveloping the dainty little nipple between my lips, I alternately played on it with my tongue and sucked it, all the while squeezing and toying with the breast, causing Alice to experience the most lascivious sensations she had yet known, except perhaps when her cunt was being felt. 'Stop! Oh, for God's sake stop!' she ejaculated in her confusion and half fright as to what might happen. 'For heaven's sake, stop!' she screamed as I abandoned one breast only to attack the other. But the game was too delightful: to feel her glorious throbbing ripe bubbies in my mouth and quivering under my tongue, while Alice squirmed in her distress, was a treat for a god; so, disregarding her impassioned pleadings, I continued to suck and tongue-tickle them till their sudden stiffening warned me that Alice's sexual instincts were being roused and the result might be a premature explosion when she felt the grand assault on her cunt.

So I desisted reluctantly. Again I encircled her neck with my arms, kissed her pleading mouth and imploring eyes as she lay helpless; then with my tongue I touched her navel. She cried, 'No, no, oh! don't,' struggling desperately to get free, for it began to dawn on her innocent mind what her real torture was to be. I did not keep her in suspense. Thrusting my hands under her and gripping the cheeks of her bottom so as to steady her plungings, I ran my tongue down lightly over the lines of her abdomen and began tenderly to kiss her cunt. She shrieked in her terror as she felt my lips on those of her cunt, and with frantic wrigglings endeavoured to escape my pursuing mouth. At this critical moment, I lightly ran my tongue along Alice's slit. The effect was astounding! For a moment she seemed to swoon under the subtle titillation, but on my tongue again caressing her cunt, only this time darting deeper between its lips, she went off into a paroxysm of shrieks and cries, wriggling and squirming in a most wonderful way considering how strongly I had fastened her down; her eyes seemed to start out of her head under the awful tickling that she was experiencing; she plunged so frantically that although I was tightly gripping her buttocks she almost dislodged my mouth, the rigid muscles of her lovely thighs testifying to the desperate effort she was making to get loose. But the subtle titillation had aroused her sexual desires, without her recognising the fact in her distress. Her cunt began to open of its own accord, soon the clitoris was revealed turgid and stiff, quivering in sexual excitement, then her orifice began to yawn and show the way to paradise; deeper and deeper plunged my tongue into its satiny recess, Alice mechanically and unconsciously thrusting herself upwards as if to meet my tongue's downward dartings and strokes. Her head rolled from side to side, as, with half-closed eyes, she struggled with a fast increasing feeling that she must surrender herself to the imperious call of her sexual nature, yet endeavouring desperately not to do so under so long established notions of chastity. Her breath came in snatches, her breasts heaved and panted, half-broken ejaculations escaped from her quivering lips. The time had arrived for the sacrifice and the victim was ready. Thrusting my tongue as deeply into her cunt as I could force it, I gave her one final and supreme tickling, then taking her clitoris between my lips, I sucked hard at it, the while tickling it with my tongue ... It was too much for Alice 'Stop ... stop ... it's coming! ... it's coming!' she gasped. An irresistible wave of lust swept away the last barriers of chastity, and with a despairing wail: 'Oh ... Oh ... I ... can't ... help ... it ... Oh ... Oh ... Oh!!!' she spent frantically!

Feeling her go, I sprang to my feet to watch Alice as she spent. It was a wonderful sight! There she lay on her back, completely naked, forced to expose her most secret charm, utterly absorbed in the sensations of the moment, her body pulsating and thrilling with each sexual spasm, her closed eyes, half-open lips and stiff breasts indicating the intensity of the emotions that possessed her. And so she remained for a minute or two, as if in a semi-swoon.

Presently I noticed a relaxing of her muscles; then she drew a long breath and dreamily opened her eyes. For a moment she seemed dazed and almost puzzled to know where she was; then her eyes fell on me, and in flash she remembered everything. A wave of colour surged furiously over her face and bosom at the thought that I had witnessed her unconscious transports and raptures as she yielded herself to her sexual passions in spite of herself; stirring uneasily, she averted her eyes, flushing hotly again. I stooped down and kissed her passionately; then, without a word, I unfastened her, raised her from the settee and supported her to the large armchair, where she promptly curled herself up, burying her blushing face in her hands.

I thought it wisest to leave her undisturbed for a brief space, so busied myself quietly in pouring out two glasses of wine, and knowing what severe calls were going to be made on Alice's innate sexual powers I took the opportunity to fortify these by dropping into her glass the least possible dose of cantharides.