The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 8

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Chapter VIII

My readers will naturally wonder what my condition of mind and body was after both had been subjected to such intense inflammation as was inevitable from my close association with Alice dressed and Alice naked.

Naturally I had been in a state of considerable erotic excitation from the moment that Alice's naked charms were revealed, especially when my hands were playing with her breasts and toying with her cunt. But I had managed to control myself. The events recorded in the last chapter however proved too much for me. The contact of my lips and tongue with Alice's maiden lips, breasts and cunt and the sight of her as she spent were more than I could stand, and I was nearly mad with lust and an overwhelming desire that she should somehow provide me with relief.

But how could it be arranged? I wanted to keep her virgin as long as I possibly could, for I had not nearly completed my carefully prepared programme of fondlings and quasi torturings that impart double spice and salaciousness when perpetrated on a virgin. To fuck her therefore was out of the question. Of course there was her mouth, and my blood boiled at the idea of being sucked by Alice; but it was patent that she was too innocent and inexperienced to give me this pleasure. There were her breasts: one could have a delicious time no doubt by using them to form a tunnel and to work my prick between them, but this was a game better played later on. There were her hands, and sweetly could Alice frig me, if she devoted one dainty hand to my prick, while the other played with my testicles, but nothing would be easier than for her to score off me heavily, by giving the latter an innocent wrench which would throw me out of action entirely. The only possible remaining method was her bottom, and while I was feverishly debating its advisability, an innocent movement of hers and the consequent change of attitude suddenly displayed the superb curves and general lusciousness of her posteriors. In spite of my impatience, I involuntarily paused to admire their glorious opulence! Yes! I would bottom-fuck Alice, I would deprive her of one of her maidenheads!

But would she let me do so? True, she had just sworn to submit herself to my caprices whatever they might be, but such a caprice would no doubt never have entered into her innocent mind, and unless she did submit herself quietly, I might be baffled and in the excitement of the struggle and the contact with her warm naked flesh, might spend and 'waste my sweetness on the desert air!' Suddenly a cruelly brilliant idea struck me, and at once I proceeded to act on it.

She was still lying curled up in the armchair. I touched her on her shoulder; she looked up hurriedly.

'I think you have rested long enough, Alice,' I said. 'Now get up, I want you to put me right!' And I pointed to my prick now in a state of terrible erection! 'See!' I continued, 'you must do something to put it out of its torment, just as I have already so sweetly allayed your lustful cravings!' She flushed painfully! 'You can do it either with your mouth or by means of your bottom - now say quick - for I am just bursting with lust for you!'

She hid her face in her hands! 'No, no,' she ejaculated. 'No, oh no! I couldn't, really I couldn't!'

'You must!' I replied somewhat sternly, for I was getting mad with unsatisfied lust. 'Remember the promises you have just made! Come now, no nonsense! Say which you'll do!'

She threw herself at my feet. 'No, no,' she cried, 'I can't!'

Bending over her, I gripped her shoulders: 'You have just sworn that you would let me do to you anything I pleased, and that you would do anything I might tell you to do; in other words, that you would both actively and passively minister to my pleasures. I have given you your choice! If you prefer to be active, I will lie on my back and you can suck and excite me into spending; if you would rather be passive, you can lie on your face and I will bottom-fuck you! Now which shall it be?'

'No, no, no!' she moaned in her distress, 'I can't do either! really I can't!'

Exasperated by her non-compliance, I determined to get by force what I wanted, and before she could guess my intentions, I had gripped her firmly round her body, then half carried and half dragged her to the piano duet stool which also contained a hidden mechanism. On to it I forced her, face downwards, and in spite of her resistance, I soon fixed the straps to her wrists and ankles; then I set the mechanism working, sitting on her to keep her in the proper position, as she desperately fought to get loose. Cleverly managing the straps, I soon got Alice into the desired position, flat on her face and astride the stool, her wrists and ankles being secured to the longitudinal wooden bars that maintained the rigidity of the couch.

Alice was now fixed in such a way that she could not raise her shoulders or bosom, but by straightening her legs, she could heave her bottom upwards a little. Her position was perfect for my purpose, and lustfully I gloated over the spectacle of her magnificent buttocks, her widely parted thighs affording me a view of both of her virgin orifices, both now at my disposal!

I passed my hands amorously over the glorious backside now at my mercy, pinching, patting, caressing and stroking the luscious flesh; my hands wandered along her plump thighs, revelling in their smoothness and softness, Alice squirming and wriggling deliciously! Needless to say her cunt was not neglected, my fingers tenderly and lovingly playing with it and causing her the most exquisitely irritating titillation.

After enjoying myself in this way for a few minutes and having thoroughly felt her bottom, I left her to herself for a moment while I went to a cupboard, Alice watching my movements intently. After rummaging about, I found what I sought, a riding whip of some curious soft substance, very springy and elastic, calculated to sting but not to mark the flesh. I was getting tired of having to use force on Alice to get what I wanted and considered it would be useful policy to make her learn the result of not fulfilling her promises; and there is no better way of bringing a girl to her senses than by whipping her soundly, naked if possible! And here was Alice, naked, fixed in the best possible position for a whipping!

As I turned towards her, whip in hand, she instantly guessed her fate and shrieked for mercy, struggling frantically to get loose. Deaf to her pitiful pleadings, I placed myself in position to command her backside, raised the whip, and gave her a cut right across the fleshiest part.

A fearful shriek broke from her! Without losing time, I administered another, and another, and another, Alice simply now yelling with the pain, and wriggling in a marvellous way considering how tightly she was tied down. I had never before whipped a girl, although I had often read and been told of the delights of the operation to the operator, but the reality far surpassed my most vivid expectations! And the naked girl I was whipping was Alice, the object of my lust, the girl who had jilted me, the girl I was about to ravish! Mad with exultation, I disregarded her agonised shrieks and cries. With cruel deliberation, I selected the tenderest parts of her bottom for my cuts, aiming sometimes at one luscious cheek, then the other, then across both, visiting the tender inside of her widely parted thighs! Her cries were music to my ears in my lustful frenzy, while her wriggles and squirms and the agitated plungings of her hips and buttocks enthralled my eyes. But soon, too soon, her strength began to fail her, her shrieks degenerated into inarticulate ejaculations. There was now little pleasure in continuing her punishment, so most reluctantly I ceased.

Soothingly I passed my right hand over Alice's quivering bottom and stroked it caressingly, alleviating in a wonderfully short time the pain. In spite of the severity of the whipping she had received, she was not marked at all! Her flesh was like that of a baby, slightly pinker perhaps, but clean and fresh. As I tenderly restored her to ease, her tremblings died away, her breath began to come more freely and normally, and soon she was herself again.

'Well, has the nonsense been whipped out of you, Alice?' I asked mockingly. She quivered, but did not answer.

'What, not yet?' I exclaimed, pretending to misunderstand her. 'Must I give you another turn?' and I raised the whip as if to commence again.

'No, no!' she cried in genuine terror, 'I'll be good!'

'Then lie still and behave yourself,' I replied, throwing the whip away into a corner of the room.

From a drawer I took a pot of cold cream. Alice who was fearsomely watching every movement of mine, cried in alarm: 'Jack, what are you going to do to me? ... oh tell me!' My only response was to commence to lubricate her arsehole, during which operation she squirmed delightfully; then placing myself full in her sight, I set to work to anoint my rampant prick. 'Guess, dear!' I said.

She guessed accurately. For a moment she was struck absolutely dumb with horror, then struggling desperately to get free, she cried: 'Oh! my God! ... no Jack! ... no! ... you'll kill me!'

'Don't be alarmed,' I said quietly, as I caressed her quivering buttocks; 'think a moment - larger things have come out than what is now going in! Lie still, Alice, or I shall have to whip you.' Then placing myself in position behind her, I leant forward till the head of my prick rested against her arsehole.

'My God! - no! no!' she shrieked, frantically wriggling her buttocks in an attempt to thwart me. But the contact of my prick with Alice's flesh maddened me; thrusting fiercely forward, I, with very little difficulty, shoved my prick halfway up Alice's bottom with apparently little or no pain to her; then falling on her, I clasped her in my arms and rammed myself well into her, till I felt my balls against her and the cheeks of her bottom against my stomach.

My God! it was like heaven to me! Alice's naked quivering body was closely pressed to mine! - my prick was buried to its hairs in her bottom, revelling in the warmth of her interior! I shall never forget it! Prolonging my rapturous ecstasy, I rested motionless on her, my hands gripping and squeezing her palpitating breasts so conveniently placed for my delectation, my cheek against her averted face, listening to the inarticulate murmurs wrung unconsciously from her by the violence of her emotions and the unaccountably strange pleasure she was experiencing, and which she confessed to by meeting my suppressed shoves with spasmodic upward heavings of her bottom - oh! it was paradise!

Inspired by a sudden thought, I slipped my right hand down to Alice's cunt and gently tickled it with it with my forefinger, but without penetrating. The effect was marvellous! Alice plunged wildly under me with tumultuous quiverings, her bosom palpitating and fluttering: 'Ah! ... Ah! ...' she ejaculated, evidently a prey to uncontrollable sexual cravings! Provoked beyond endurance I let myself go! For a few moments there was a perfect cyclone of frenzied upheavings from her, mixed with fierce down-thrustings from me, then blissful ecstasy as I spent madly into Alice, flooding her interior with my boiling tribute! 'Ah! ... ah! ...' she gasped, as she felt herself inundated by my hot discharge! Her cunt distractedly sought my finger, a violent spasm shook her, and with a scarcely articulate cry indicative of the intensest rapture, Alice spent on my finger with quivering vibrations, her head falling forward as she half swooned in her ecstasy!! She had lost the maidenhead of her bottom!!!

For some seconds we both lay silent and motionless, save for an occasional tremor, I utterly absorbed in the indescribable pleasure of spending into Alice as she lay tightly clasped in my arms! She was the first to stir (possibly incommoded by my superincumbent weight), gently turning her face towards me, colouring furiously as our eyes met! I pressed my cheek against hers, she did not flinch but seemed to respond. Tenderly I kissed her, she turned her face fully towards me and of her own accord she returned my kiss! Was it that I had tamed her? Or had she secretly tasted certain pleasure during the violation of her bottom? Clasping her closely to me I whispered: 'You have been a good girl this time, Alice! a very good girl!!' She softly rubbed her cheek against mine!' Did I hurt you?' I asked.

She whispered back: 'Very little at first, but not afterwards!'

'Did you like it?' I enquired maliciously. For answer she hid her face in the leather seat, blushing hotly. But I could feel her thrill!!

A moment's silence, then she raised her head again, moved uneasily, then murmured: 'Oh! let me get up now!'

'Very well,' I replied and unclasping my arms from round her, I slowly drew my prick out of her bottom, untied her - then taking her into one of the alcoves I showed her a bidet all ready for her use and left her. Passing into the other, I performed the needful ablutions to myself, then radiant with my victory and with having relieved my overcharged desires, I awaited Alice's reappearance.