The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 2/Chapter 1

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Chapter I

I will now tell my readers that four months have elapsed since the events recorded in the previous volume. During this period, Alice and I had frequently met at the houses of mutual friends who were under the impression that by thus bringing us together, they were assisting in making a match between us. Our rapture was known only to our two selves, and Alice had quickly recognized that complete silence as to what had happened to her in my Snuggery was her safest policy. And really, there was some excuse for the incorrect impression under which our friends were laboring, for our mutual embarrassment, when we first met after her violation, and her inability to altogether subdue on subsequent occasions a certain agitation and heightened color when I appeared on the scene, were to be symptoms of the "tender passion" that was supposed to be consuming us both.

But Alice's manner to me insensibly became kinder and kinder as time went on. Unknown to herself, there was in her composition a strain of strong sensuality which had lain dormant under the quiet peacefully virtuous life of an English Miss that she had hitherto led; and it only wanted some fierce sexual stimulant to fan into flame the smoldering fires of her lust. This now had been supplied.

She afterwards confessed to me that, when the sense of humiliation and the bitter regrets for her ravished virginity had died down, she found herself recalling certain moments in which she had tasted the most exquisite pleasure, in spite of the dreadful indignities to which her stark naked self was being submitted, and then unconsciously beginning to long to experience them again till a positive, though unacknowledged, craving sprang up, which she was quite unable to stifle but did not know how to satisfy! When such promising conditions prevail, kind Mother Nature and sweet lady Venus generally come into operation. Soon Alice began to feel towards me the tender regard that every woman seems to cherish towards the fortunate individual who has taken her maidenhead! As I have just stated, she became kinder and kinder, till it was evident to me that she had pardoned my brutality. Instead of almost shrinking from me, she undoubtedly seemed to welcome me and was never averse to finding herself alone with me in quiet corners and nooks for two.

On my side, I was beginning to experience a fierce desire once more to hold her naked in my arms and revel in the delights of her delicious person, to taste her lips as we mutually spent in each other's clasped embrace, in other words, to fuck her! Kind Mother Nature had taken us both into her charge: now sweet lady Venus came on the scene.

One evening, Alice and I met at the house of a lady hostess, who placed us together at the dinner table. I naturally devoted myself to Alice afterwards in the drawing room. When the guests began to depart, our hostess asked me if I would mind seeing Alice home in my taxicab, which, of course, I was delighted to do. Strangely enough, the possibilities of a tête-à-tête did not occur to me, and it was only when Alice returned to the hall cloaked and veiled and our hostess had told her that I had very kindly offered to take her home in my taxi that the opportunity of testing her real feelings was suggested to me by the vivid blush that, for a moment, suffused her face and elicited a sympathetic but significant smile from our hostess, who evidently thought she had done us both a good turn. And so she had, but not in the direction she fondly thought!

The taxi had hardly begun to move when we both seemed to remember that we were alone together for the first time since the afternoon on which Alice had been first tortured scientifically, and then ravished! Overcome by some sudden inspiration, our eyes sought each other. In the dim light, I saw Alice's face working under the rush of her emotion, but she was looking at me with eyes full of love and not of anger. She began to cuddle up against me perhaps unconsciously, at the same time turning her face up as if seeking a kiss. I could not resist the mute invitation. Quickly I slipped my left arm 'round her, drew her to me (she yielding to me without a struggle), pressed my lips on hers and fondly rained kisses on her mouth. "Jack!" she murmured lovingly. I felt her thrill under my kisses, then catch her breath and quiver again! I recognized the symptoms. Promptly I slipped my right hand under her clothes, and before she could offer any resistance (even had she desired to do so, which she evidently did not), my hand had reached the sweet junction of her belly and thighs and my fingers began to attack the folds of her chemise through the opening of her drawers in their feverish impatience to get at her cunt! "Jack! Oh, Jack!" Alice again murmured as she pressed herself against me as closely as she could, while at the same time she began to open her thighs slightly, as if to facilitate the operations of my ardent fingers, which, just at that moment succeeded in displacing the last obstacle and were now resting on her cunt itself.

Alice quivered deliciously at the touch of my hand on her bare flesh as I gently and tenderly stroked her cunt, playing lovingly on its moist palpitating lips and twining her hairs 'round my fingers, but as soon as she felt me tickle her clitoris (time was short and we were fast nearing her rooms, besides which it would have been cruel to have aroused her sexual passions without satisfying them), she threw all restraint to the winds and madly agitated her cunt against my hand, wiggling divinely as I set to work frigging her. Soon came the first blissful ecstasy; a delicious spasm thrilled through her as she spent deliriously on my fingers—then another—and another— and yet another—till, unable to spend any more, she gasped brokenly: "Stop, Jack! ... I can't go on!" only half-conscious and utterly absorbed in the overpoweringly exquisite sensations of the moment and the delicious satisfying of the longings and cravings which had been tormenting her. It was full time that we stopped, for the taxi was now turning into her street.

Quickly (but reluctantly) I withdrew my hand from Alice's cunt, now moist with her repeated spendings, and I just managed to get her clothes into some sort of order when the cab stopped at her door. I sprang out first and assisted Alice to alight, which she did almost totteringly as she had not yet recovered from her trance of sexual pleasure.

"I'll see you right into your rooms, so that I may be able truly to report that I have faithfully executed the orders," I said laughingly, more for the benefit of the chauffeur than of Alice.

"Thanks very much!" she replied quietly, and, having collected her wraps, I followed her into the house and up the staircase to her apartments on the first floor, carefully closing the door after me.

Alice threw herself into my arms in an ecstasy of delight. I rather think that she expected me to take the opportunity to fuck her—and gladly would I have done so, as I was in a terrible state of lust: but I always hated "snatchfucking" and if I started with her long enough for her to undress and be properly fucked, it might arouse suspicions that would damage her reputation.

So after a passionate embrace, I whispered, "I must not stop here, darling: when will you come to lunch?"

Alice blushed deliciously, instantly comprehending the significance of my invitation. "Tomorrow!" she murmured, hiding her face on my shoulder.

"Thanks, sweetheart—tomorrow then!" Now get to bed and have a good night's rest. Good night my darling!" and after a few more passionate kisses, I left her and rejoined my taxi.

Next morning, after ordering a lunch cunningly calculated to excite and stimulate Alice's lascivious instincts, I made the usual tour of inspection 'round my flat, and from sheer force of habit, I began to test the mechanism concealed in the Snuggery furniture, then suddenly remembered that its assistance was now no longer needed; it had done its duty faithfully; with its help I had stripped, tortured, and violated Alice—and today she was coming of her own free will to be fucked.

The reflection that I would now have to dismantle all this exquisite machinery caused me quite a pang—then I found myself wondering whether it would not be as well to let it remain—on the off chance of its being useful on some later occasion.

In my circle of acquaintances, there were many pretty and attractive girls, married and unmarried, and, if I could only lure some of them into the Snuggery, the torturing and ravishing of them would afford me the most delicious of entertainment, although the spice of revenge that pervaded my outraging of Alice would be absent!

But how was I to effect the luring? They were not likely to come to lunch alone with me, and if accompanied by anyone, it would simply mean that I should again experience the irritating disappointments that I suffered when Marion used to accompany Alice, and, by her presence, prevent the accomplishment of my desires. Besides this, many of the girls I lusted after were hardly more than casual acquaintances whom I could not venture to invite to my flat, except in the company of some mutual friend.

Therein came my inspiration—why not try and induce Alice herself to act as decoy and assistant? If I could only instill in her a taste for Sadism and Sadique pleasures and a penchant for her own sex, and let her see how easily she could satisfy such lascivious fancies by cooperating with me, the possibilities were boundless!

A luncheon invitation to her and our selected victim would, in nine cases out of ten, be accepted by the latter; after lunch, the adjournment to the Snuggery would follow as a matter of course at her suggestion—and then her assistance in stripping the girls would be invaluable, after which we could, together, put the girl through a course of sexual torture, painless but distressingly effective, and quench in each other the fires of lust which would spring up as we gloated over our victim's shame and mental agony! Yes! Here was the solution of the difficulty; somehow or other, I must induce Alice to give me her cooperation.