The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 14

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A Prophecy Recited by Mr. Lilly in the year 1651. Relating to the French Nation.

A Certain Prince as religious as a Turk, ſhall overſpread that peoples territories, and war and deſolation will be occaſioned by the unruly nobility, who by their civil diſſentions ſhall occaſion the ruin of the French monarchy; and if you would know near the time of this great mutation, it ſhall be when a certain King called Henry is twice made a King, and Duke of Florence turns Proteſtant. This prophecy ſeems to hint at the preſent juncture, though written ſo many years ſince, in conſideration the Engliſh and Scotch nation have unanimouſly proclaimed and ſubmitted their crowns to William Henry his preſent Majeſty; ſo that he may be ſaid twice to be made a King.