The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From H. Pratt to Jonathan Swift - 3

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LONDON, APRIL 22, 1735.

I WROTE in such haste that I forgot to make my lady Savile's acknowledgments, which before she left this, she engaged me to do in a particular manner from her, by assuring you that she is your obliged humble servant, and wishes you all happiness, as many more do among your friends here. Her number of children is three, two girls and a boy; who, thank God, seem promising.

My lord Shelburne, who is just come to town for two or three days, desires his sincere compliments to you, invites you next June to an empty town house, and wishes that accommodation of removing you from the inconveniencies of a lodging, may tempt you to a change of air, and to come among your friends. I wish I could tempt you to come hither, as I long to have the pleasure of assuring you in person, how sincerely I am, sir, your ever obliged and most faithful humble servant,