The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 7/Dr. Sheridan's Answer

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I'D have you to know, as sure as you're dean,
On Thursday my cask of Obrien I'll drain:
If my wife is not willing, I say she's a quean;
And my right to the cellar, egad, I'll maintain
As bravely as any that fought at Dunblain;
Go tell her it over and over again.
I hope, as I ride to the town, it won't rain;
For, should it, I fear it will cool my hot brain,
Entirely extinguish my poetick vein;
And then I should be as stupid as Kain,
Who preach'd on three heads, though he mention'd but twain.
Now Wardel's in haste, and begins to complain;
Your most humble servant, dear sir, I remain,

Get Helsham, Walmsley, Delany,
And some Grattans, if there be any[1];
Take care you do not bid too many.

  1. i. e. in Dublin, for they were country clergy.