The school law of Michigan/Preface

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Teachers and pupils in the public schools of Michigan should know more of the system under which they are working, and young men and women just entering upon the duties of citizenship should be better prepared to perform the duties that will devolve upon them as officers of the primary and graded school districts.

For several years before the department of public instruction began preparing questions in school law for the examination of teachei-s, it was evident that many school officers, citizens, and teachers, were uninformed upon some of the simplest questions of school administration, and also that much controversy and litigation resulted from this imperfect knowledge.

The head of the state educational system is authorized by one of the provisions of Act 164 of the laws of 1881, to publish all general laws relating to schools and to transmit the same to school officers having the care and management of the schools. To do this requires an edition of more than 20,000 books, and the department has issued an edition every four years which has been furnished to all the officers of the state. This supply was quite sufficient, until teachers and pupils became students of school law. The department is not authorized by the statute to furnish books to all who

will apply, and the author of this book seeks to supply the demand.

In the compilation of this edition no attempt has been made to recall any of the history of the founding or growth of our educational system. It is believed that the best service to be rendered by its publication, will be the furnishing of a brief and practical treatise on the legal side of our educational system. The decisions of the supreme court of the state, attorneys general, and Superintendents of Public Instruction, have been carefully examined, and such material gleaned therefrom as will aid the student better to understand the law in its statutory form. We give all that part of the constitution of the state relating to education and, in as condensed and attractive a form as possible, the acts of the legislature which, at the close of the session of 1895, are the laws of the state governing educational affairs.

Lansing, Mich., July 4, 1895.